Get Involved and Donate!

The Coeur d’Alene Public Library has two organized support groups who gratefully accept donations for various projects and programs.

Material Donations

The Coeur d’Alene Public Library accepts most donations of new or like new books, audiobooks on CD, DVDs, magazines, and puzzles. Due to limited space, the library only accepts up to 25 items at a time. Books, audiobooks on CD, and DVDs are reviewed for possible inclusions in the circulating collection. Donations are held to the same standards used to purchase items for the collection and are cataloged the same way. The library cannot guarantee that a donated item will be added to the collection, nor can any conditions be attached to the donations.

Those items not added to the collection become the property of the Friends of the Library and can be sold through Second Story Books or handled as that organization sees fit. Once a donation has been accepted items cannot be returned to the donor regardless of how they will be used.

The library is happy to provide a receipt acknowledging your donation. Please provide a count of the various formats (hardbacks, paperbacks, audiobooks on CD, DVDs, magazines, puzzles, etc.). The dollar value of the donation is up to you and your tax preparer to determine.

If you have any further questions, click here to contact the library.

Donations that cannot be accepted include:

  • Damaged, moldy, or soiled items.
  • Books with a strong tobacco or other odor.
  • Textbooks of any kind.
  • Out-of-date materials or equipment (encyclopedias, software, manuals, medical, health, diet, exercise, etc.)
  • Puzzles missing pieces.
  • VHS tapes, vinyl records, music CDs and cassettes, audiobooks on tape.

The library reserves the right to decline any donation the staff or designated volunteers determine to not be of benefit to the library or which may exceed our current handling capacity.