Senior Tech Basics 

Are you a senior? Are you interested in learning basic internet and computer topics, but don’t know where to start? Senior Tech Basics is a free ongoing series of classes held at the Coeur d’Alene Library and the Salvation Army Kroc Center, designed to introduce seniors to various digital topics of interest. We’ll be covering three major topics over the following months: How to Use a Chromebook, How to Use the Internet, and Cybersecurity: Avoiding Scams and Viruses on the Internet. This program is held in partnership with the Salvation Army Kroc Center. Chromebooks and materials for in-class use are made available thanks to a generous grant by the Idaho Commission for Libraries.  

Registration required for each session. The first 19 seniors to register for a session will be able to work hands-on with a Chromebook during the class!

Register online here:

Register by phone here: 208-769-2315 x434

Register in person: at any Library Desk

December’s Senior Tech Basics focuses on learning How to Use the Internet – find out how to navigate websites and search for things on Google. A question and answer session will follow if time allows.  

Monday, December 11 (1:30-3 pm) at the Salvation Army Kroc Center

Friday, December 15 (10-1 am) at the Coeur d’Alene Public Library