Shelf Help

Not sure what to read next? Haven’t read for fun for a while? Have a reluctant young reader in the family? Just curious to try something new? Welcome! We’ll ask you a few easy questions, and then one of our friendly librarians will find you some recommendations! This is a popular service, and we’ve only got so many librarians, so it might be a couple days until you receive a response- but fear not, we will respond! All your library information is kept private, and that includes the information you give us in this form as well as the recommendations we give you. Reader, it’s just between you and me!

Tell us a little about what you like to read. What was the last book you enjoyed? What are a couple TV shows you love? What do you like about them- do you have a favorite character, do you like stuff set in that time period? The more info you give us the more likely it is that you’ll love our recommendations!
Besides what you like, is there anything more specific you are looking for today? Like, maybe you enjoy Game Of Thrones but you are really doing this form so you can get some personal finance books.
Are there topics you don’t want to see? Maybe you like mysteries but don’t like graphic violence, or you don’t want your romance novels too steamy, or you want to avoid specific tough topics like abuse.