Meeting Space / Projectors

The library offers access to public meeting spaces and built-in projectors.

The library has 3 public meeting spaces that can be reserved up to 3 months in advance for free, public meetings.  Fees apply if food or drink is being served.  Please call the library to reserve a meeting space.  For more details, read our online policy manual.


  • Staff cannot troubleshoot connectivity to the projector beyond the instructions on this sheet.
  • The library provides specific cables and adapters upon request, but makes no guarantee to have what is needed for every situation.
  • The library will not be liable for any damage to equipment incurred during use of library equipment.
  • Patrons may not make any adjustments to the projector itself.

There are two ways to connect to our laptops:

  • Laptops can connect to the projector via an HDMI connect.
  • Please note that the built in HDMI port on some computers are low powered and may not work. You may need to use an external or amplified HDMI adapter.


  • Wireless mode will not work for streaming video. For video streaming, the above wired connection is recommended.
  • Download and install the EasyMP Network Projection Software:
    • Download EasyMP for Windows
    • Download EasyMP for Mac OS X v10.6.x – v10.11.x

The Lake City Public Library has a single meeting room that seats up to 10 people.  The meeting room is first come, first serve.