The library offers free 3D printing at the library!

Please Note:

Library staff reserve the right to refuse any 3D printing request.

Any items that are left at the library for more than 7 days become library property.

First, design or download a 3D design.


Option 1: Bring it in
  1. Save it onto a USB drive in a STL format.
  2. Bring your USB to the Reference desk, and library staff will copy the STL file and return your USB.
  3. Answer some questions so that your completed print can be returned to you.
Option 2: Send it in
  1. Click on the Submit a Print Job tab, fill out the form, and upload the file(s).

Library staff will handle the printing process for you, and you will be notified when the process is complete. It may take a week to complete.

3D Design

3D Downloads

Please fill out the information below.  After you submit this form, return to this tab and you will be given a link for uploading your .STL file.

Due to limited resources during the library’s curbside operation, we are accepting ONE STL file submission per week.  Any requests over this limit will be turned down.

Note that only STL files will be accepted.  Requests including other file types, including ZIP files, will be rejected.

Filename format must be YYYYDDMM-LASTNAME-PARTNAME.stl (YYYYDDMM is today’s date, LASTNAME is your last name, PARTNAME is a short unique name for the part)
Maximum build volume is 230 x 150 x 140 mm. (PLEASE NOTE: Our larger printer is down. Maximum build volume is currently 140 x 140 x 140 mm)