Writing Historical Fiction: Inspiration, Research, and Serendipity with Genie Higbee

Genie Higbee, author of The Violin Thief, A Curious Tale of Lost & Found, discusses writing historical fiction—the initial idea, the hard work, and the rewards. She shares her process, and importantly, what she learned from five years of research, and surprise. This is accompanied by the reading of related passages from her novel. To be included are insights on publication. Opportunity for Questions & Answers concludes the program.

In The Violin Thief, A Curious Tale of Lost & Found, a foundling’s infatuation with a mysterious violin ignites rivalries, affecting an ambitious music professor, his resentful son, and a conflicted sweetheart. Their clash of wills quickens hearts and sparks kindness, while exposing an unsolved crime and a miracle.

Genie Higbee has been writing poetry and short stories for many decades, all the while infatuated with music, nature, libraries, and the Thesaurus. After earning a BFA from UCLA, Art and Literature, she continues her education taking author, poet, and artist-led workshops.

Higbee enjoys the long-term benefit of exposure to contrasting cultures: Southern California, Georgia, Ohio, and Province of Ontario, Canada. Since 2004 Genie and her husband Rick have made their home in Idaho, trading the sandy seashore of Southern California for the basalt edged shores of Hayden Lake.

As a retired graphic designer, copywriter, and art director, Genie seriously pursues oil painting. And writing—primarily novels. Her current work is historical fiction, with a stand-alone series: The Violin Thief, A Curious Tale of Lost & Found, published October 2022, and in progress, To Save a Thief and To Love a Thief. Previous publication, co-authored, Genie Frisbee (Higbee) and Melissa Farnsworth, Invented August, An Imperfect Escape to Capri, both novel and screenplay.

Ms. Higbee has been an active member of the 3CS Book Club since 2005; as chairman emeritus she now serves as a presenter and an advisor. You might find Genie observing nature, playing the piano, kayaking, reading-reading-reading, or creating in her studio, joined there, from time to time, by young students.

The event is finished.


Oct 12 2023


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Community Room - Coeur d'Alene Public Library
702 E Front Ave, Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814