Taken by the Sea: with Authors Sarah Conover & Paul Lindholdt

Taken by the Sea: Sarah Conover & Paul Lindholdt

Thursday, July 20 (5:30-6:30 pm)

Join authors Sarah Conover and Paul Lindholdt for a paired reading and Q&A under the theme, “Taken by the Sea”.

Sarah Conover’s new memoir, “Set Adrift: My Family’s Disappearance in the Bermuda Triangle”, tells of a tragic loss, an orphaned childhood, and the eventual unstorying of a life. In January, 1958, a renowned sailing family was lost in a storm in the Bermuda Triangle. The youngest of two daughters, Sarah, suddenly an orphan, grew up never knowing her parents and grandparents. As an adult, she began to pursue the mystery of her family and their disappearance, and discovered that their stories were far different from the versions she was told. Conover’s memoir follows the national media’s investigation of the Revonoc’s vanishing, and exposes the truths that led her to “unstory” the family history, creating a new understanding of their lives, and hers.

Paul Lindholdt’s latest non-fiction work, “Interrogating Travel: Guidance from a Reluctant Tourist”, presents that never in human history has travel been so accessible to so many. But—amid an escalating climate crisis that threatens the homes of vulnerable people across the world—has the human cost of trekking the globe become too high? Lindholdt links firsthand narratives with research about the travel trade, telling stories of his reluctant voyages while arguing that carbon-intensive trips abroad may be offset if adventurers come to know and love the landscapes closer to home. Tourism may be the planet’s largest industry, but “Interrogating Travel” advises readers to stay mindful of the consequences of their journeys, whether visiting local getaways or some of Earth’s most remote locations.


Jul 20 2023


5:30 pm - 6:30 pm