Monday Night Dinner – with Adam Schluter

Monday Night Dinner – Monday, May 13 (5:30 pm) 

Join us for a Monday Night Dinner at the pavilion in McEuen Park. The event will include music, a talk by Monday Night Dinner creator Adam Schluter about his book, and raffle items. Feel free to bring a side dish to share everyone is welcome! We are asking for a $10 donation for our musicians. 

Adam Schluter, a local from Coeur d’Alene, is an acclaimed photographer and journalist behind the project ‘Hello From A Stranger’. For the past seven years, he has traveled to 21 countries, approaching strangers, taking their photographs, and then engaging in meaningful conversations with them, all while navigating his introverted nature. This endeavor aims to encourage people to connect face-to-face in a time of mental health challenges, moving away from excessive phone use. 

‘Hello From A Stranger’ has gained recognition, being featured in National Geographic three times, presented as a TED talk, turned into a book, recognized among the top 10 photography projects globally by The Smithsonian, and now transitioning into a show. The overarching goal is to foster global unity by bridging gaps between individuals, one stranger at a time. 

The project originated from Adam’s move to Coeur d’Alene eight years ago, where he knew no one. Upon his return from the initial phase of the project, he began hosting ‘Monday Night Dinners’, inspired by a tradition from his childhood. In these gatherings, strangers he met in Coeur d’Alene were invited to his home to share a meal. Attendees would bring side dishes, pooling their food to create a shared feast for everyone present. 

The event is finished.


May 13 2024


5:30 pm - 7:00 pm