The rumor game / by Clayton, Dhonielle,
Eve : by LaValle, Victor,
The Devil's music / by Page, Nathan,
Another castle / by Wheeler, Andrew,
The poorcraft cookbook / by O'Reilly, Nero Villagallos,
A spark within the forge / by Tahir, Sabaa,
Snow White with the red hair : volume 17 / by Akizuki, Sorata,
Ain't burned all the bright / by Reynolds, Jason,
Witch hat atelier. by Shirahama, Kamome,
Graceling : by Cashore, Kristin,
Magus of the library : by Izumi, Mitsu,
All of us villains / by Foody, Amanda,
The legend of Zelda :  by Himekawa, Akira,
The Nightland Express. by Lee, J. M.
The master guide to drawing anime : by Hart, Christopher,
Fierce as the wind / by Redd, Tara Wilson,
What unbreakable looks like / by McLaughlin, Kate,
Star Wars. by Scott, Cavan,
Splatoon. by Hinodeya, Sankichi,
Lifetime passes / by Blas, Terry,
Killing time / by Ehrlich, Brenna,
Ebonwilde / by Smith, Crystal
The greatest stories ever played : by Hansen, Dustin,
The mortal instruments : by Clare, Cassandra,
Windmaker. by Okupe, Roye,
Quiet fire : by Dommermuth-Costa, Carol,
Queen of the tiles / by Hanna Alkaf,
Harley Quinn : by Allen, Rachael,
The genesis wars / by Bowman, Akemi Dawn,
Flirting with fate / by Cervantes, Jennifer,