Among the Living / by Tim Lebbon
River Mumma. by Reid-Benta, Zalika
Secret History of Bigfoot : by Oconnor, John
Mostly What God Does. by Guthrie, Savannah
End of Story. by Finn, A. J
When the Jessamine Grows. by Everhart, Donna
Our Hidden Conversations : by Norris, Michele
Psychedelics : by Nutt, David
Ordinary Human Failings. by Nolan, Megan
Playing With Wildfire. by Pritchett, Laura
Poor Deer. by Oshetsky, Claire
The Summer Book Club / by Mallery, Susan
Hero by Perry, Thomas
Eye of A Little God. by Steiger, A. J
Lumen / by Fischer, J. J
Cooking In Real Life : by Heuck, Lidey
Heirloomed Kitchen : by Schoenith, Ashley
Painter's Daughters. by Howes, Emily
Who to Believe. by Hill, Edwin
Remedial Magic. by Marr, Melissa
How to Walk Into A Room and How to Know When Its Time to Walk Out : by Freeman, Emily P
Nasty Little War : by Reid, Anna
French From the Market. by Davis, Hilary. Bates, Sheena
Misunderstood Vegetables : by Selengut, Becky
New French Look. by Li, Lauren
Murder by Lamplight. by McDonough, Patrice
Other Side of Disappearing. by Clayborn, Kate
Old Flames and New Fortunes. by Hogle, Sarah
Haunting of Velkwood. by Kiste, Gwendolyn
Mayluna : by McNeil, Kelley