New Teen Books

Cat + gamer, vol. 2 / by Nadatani, Wataru,
Wandance, vol. 1 / by Coffee
Daughter of darkness / by Corr, Katherine,
Witch hat Atelier: volume 9 / by Shirahama, Kamome.
Star Wars, the High Republic: Edge of balance, vol. 2 /
The fae keeper / by Edgmon, H. E.,
Blood and Moonlight / by Beaty, Erin,
Step by bloody step : by Spurrier, Si,
Eve : by LaValle, Victor,
The complete cookbook for teen chefs /
The Devil's music / by Page, Nathan,
Another castle / by Wheeler, Andrew,
The poorcraft cookbook / by O'Reilly, Nero Villagallos,
A spark within the forge / by Tahir, Sabaa,
Ain't burned all the bright / by Reynolds, Jason,
Graceling : by Cashore, Kristin,
Magus of the library : by Izumi, Mitsu,
The legend of Zelda :  by Himekawa, Akira,
The Nightland Express. by Lee, J. M.
The master guide to drawing anime : by Hart, Christopher,
Victory. Stand! : by Smith, Tommie,
What the fact? / by Yasmin, Seema,
The silent stars go by / by Nicholls, Sally,
Phalaina / by Briere-Haquet, Alice,
The life and crimes of Hoodie Rosen / by Blum, Isaac,
The gathering dark :
I'm the girl : by Summers, Courtney,
The first thing about you / by Hayden, Chaz,
Kingdom of the feared / by Maniscalco, Kerri,