Caroline Crollard, Tobey Wilkins

1910: Louis and Gladys Wilkins homesteaded in Rockford Bay. They came by train from Chicago, city people. I don’t know how they survived with no services. They went to their land by boat from Coeur d’Alene. Louis taught school at the Loff’s Bay school. He had been a pole-vaulter at the U. of Chicago, and in the 1906 Olympics, won a bronze medal.

1911: Maitland Wilkins was born. His little brother, Arnold, died in infancy. Maitland went to school at Rockford Bay School, across the bay. He either rowed his boat or ice skated across the bay to school

1923: The family moved to Seattle, where they ran a printing business.

1934: Maitland married Lillian Dulin. They both ran tugboats on Lake Coeur d’Alene, and up the St. Joe and Coeur d’Alene River.

1938: Caroline was born. They lived in a float house at the foot of Third Street, until they purchased a home at 1033 Pine, where they lived until 1955. Louis and Gladys lived winters in Seattle and continued the printing business, and spent summers at Wedderburn Lodge in Rockford Bay.

1948: Tobey was born. By that time, Mait worked at Potlatch, and Lillian was well-established in a home drapery and decorating business.

1950: Louis passed away just before the L. G. Wilkins Printing Co. was ready to move to Coeur d’Alene permanently. Gladys carried on the business until her death in 1968.

1954: Mait started the Wilkins Box Factory at Govt. Way and Poplar Street, which operated for ten years. Lillian needed her shop to be on a main street where she could have a sign. The family moved to 1017 Shennan, where Lillian Wilkins’ Draperies still operates. Mait moved to Seattle until Boeing shut out the lights, then to Manzanillo, Mexico. He passed away in 1982. Lillian had retired to her home on Blackwell Hill, with her husband, Ken Gunderson. She passed away in 1985.

Caroline (Crollard) lives in Fernan Village. Her children are Chris Hanks, of Scottsdale, Arizona, and Laura Yongue, of Coeur d’Alene. Tobey lives in Seattle, with his wife, Ruth, and Lindsey and Stewart, and Harvard, the wonder dog.

Four generations of Wilkins: (1938) Maitland, Zola Guthrie, Louis Wilkins, and baby Caroline. (1939) Maitland, Lillian, and Caroline (1944)

Emma Izola Wilkins (Guthrie) – Guy Wilkins (Chicago) Three sons: Louis, Ernest, and Harry

Louis married Gladys May Tobey of Salina, Kansas

1910: Homesteaded in Rockford Bay, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
1911: Maitland Wilkins was born
1934: Married Lillian Dulin in St. Manes, Idaho
1938: Caroline was born
1948: Tobey was born
1950:Louis passed away.
1958: Caroline married Fred Hanks
1962: Chris was born
1967: Laura was born
1968: Gladys passed away.
1982: Caroline married Jack Crollard
1982: Maitland passed away
1985: Lillian passed away
1990: Laura married William Casteel
1990: Dillon was born
1993: Tobey married Ruth Wilson
1995: Chris married Elizabeth Rebozo
1995: Victor was born
1997: Laura married Perry Yongue
1998: Aimee was born

Current generations: Chris, Liz, Victor, and Aimee Hanks; Tobey Wilkins, Caroline Crollard; Laura and Perry Yongue, and Dillon Casteel.