Museum of North Idaho: TRR-01-021 - CdA & Spokane Railway Flat cars full of people who, according to Marv Jones, pushed the train into Post Falls to win a $500 bet. It was the first Cd'A and Spokane electric to Post Falls. There was no electric power yet and cars were pulled by conventional engine. Rail had not yet been laid on ties in foreground. The story goes that W.B. Bill McFarland bet William Dollar $500 that no trains would be inside the city limits within a year. Engineer J.C. White, chief engineer rushed the construction work and managed to get the rails inside the city limits within the alloted time. However there were no trains ready. They borrowed a trolley from the Spokane City Railway. The crew stringing the overhead trolley line had been unable to keep pace with White's crew and the trolley was stalled a few hundred feet outside the city limits. McFarland went to bed certain that he would collect his winnings the next day. Dollar waited until just before the deadline, then hired a few husky men to push the trolley over the line and won the bet. Note that this story may not match this print. 10/22/1903.