Museum of North Idaho: MIL-11-006 - Frederick Post's water powered sawmill, built in 1880, burned Dec. 1902. Post leased it to Zachary Lewis and Mr. Bish who operated it until 1885. Frederick Post came back from Spokane in 1885-86 and operated the mill until 1889 when it was again leased to Mr. Bish, Bish Lumber Company, until he drowned in the falls in 1892. At this time the mill was leased to S. D. Bader, Bader Lumber Co, until 1894. In 1894 Frederick Post sold the mill to the Spokane & Idaho Lumber & Manufacturing Co of which H. M. Strathern was President. According to Strong & Webb, 1970-1976, the original Post Falls Mill was destroyed by fire in April or May, 1899. Both the sawmill and planing mill were rebuilt. Strathern managed the saw mill and MacGillis & Gibbs operated the planing mill until 1902. The Post Falls Sash & Door Co., a lath and planing mill were associated with this facility. The Sash & Door Co burned in a 1902 fire.