The Johnston Family Partnership

711 Foster Ave. Ivin and Jo purchased family home in the 1920s. Still owned by the Johnston family to this day. - 1920 - 2013
Don and Bob at their home at 711 Foster Avenue - 1930
Bob and Eleanor on a pony ride at 711 Foster Avenue - 1932
Nothing Ventured – 1936 Nothing gained (no fatalities)
I.R. Johnston Family
Bob's Immaculate Heart of Mary High School graduation picture. - May 1944
Bob Johnston's US Army Air Force photo - 1944-1945
Bob and Don Johnston (center) with friends Al and Louie with their plane. - 1946
Ivin R. Johnston (center) with sons Don (left), and Bob (right). - 1946
I.R. Johnston, Philco. Kelvinator, Maytag Sales & Service
Bob and Don working together at the family business. ~ 1950
Grandma Jo with her grandchildren Dianne (on lap), Terry, Lisa, Wendy, Jody, Marcia, and Robert at a birthday party at 711 Foster - 1958
Robert and Michaelyn (Mylan) Johnston on their wedding day. St. Thomas Church - October 17, 1953
Ivin Johnston with daughter Eleanor on her wedding day to William Smith - December 30, 1955
501 Foster Ave. Home of Bob Johnston's family from 1960 - 2002
818 Foster Ave. Where Don Johnston raised his family from 1960 - 2005
CDA Press Photo. Johnston Building opening in 1964.
CDA Press Photo. Johnston Building opening in 1964.
Grandma Jo with Robert and his first 3 grandsons, Christopher Johnston, Jared Bingham, Nicholas Johnston. - 1983
Josephine Johnston's 85th birthday celebration. - August 16, 1987
Bob's 70th birthday Caribbean cruise with his children and grandchildren. Robert Johnston, Robert and Antoinette Johnston with sons Nick and Chris. Marcia Bingham with sons Jared, Ross, and Bryant. Linda Skogen with children Ryan, Kathryn, Robert, Joseph. Shari and Allen Wilhelm (son Matthew not born yet). - December 1996
The Three Bobs. Robert Dean Skogen (grandson), Robert Ivin Johnston (son), Robert Phillip Johnston (dad). - 1999
Ivin 1929
Don, Jo, Bob, Eleanor
March 1990
May 1994
A few grandchildren -1998
Don, age 5
Fern Johnston (second from right top photo) and as “Betty Co-ed”. Bottom left photo – Lake City Elks Set “Roaring ‘20s” Review
Ivin R. and Josephine E. Johnston
Don Johnston campaign flyer – 1978
Don Johnston, North Idaho Fair & Rodeo Board member. - 1994-200_