Museum of North Idaho: EDU-07-004 –Nuns Interior view of a class room at the Academy of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (IHM) Juniors and Seniors. Left row: 1st seat: Esther Schermanson, 2nd seat: Kathleen McFarland.  2nd row: 2nd seat: Emily Chainey, 4th seat: Evelyn Breman. Standing in back of row: Julia White. 3rd row: 1st seat: Mary Chainey, 5th seat: Florence Brennan, 7th seat: Kathleen Mims.  4th row: 2nd seat: Joe Rembowski, 3rd seat: Al Healey, 4th seat: Lawrence Smith, 5th seat: Sheldon (Bid) McMillan, 8th seat: Lee Kroetch, 9th seat: Stanley Lommel. 5th row: 1st seat: Hartley O'Rourke, 4th seat: Roland Spain.  With pointer: Frank Elgee and nun-sister Dolorita.  Standing in front right: Sigrid Schermanson.  Circa: 1906 – 1907.