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Policy Manual - X. General Work Rules

X. General Work Rules
Personnel policies are in accordance with the City of Coeur d’Alene Personnel Rules and Regulations

Library Employee Rules

Attendance & Leave

Arrive a few moments prior to the beginning of your scheduled shift in order to be ready for work when your shift begins.
Breaks- break lengths are as follows: 4-5 hr shift= 15 minute 6-8 hr shift= 30 minute
Breaks are intended to “break-up” the work day and may not be taken at the beginning or end of a scheduled shift.

Vacation requests- may be submitted any time but may not be taken until after 3 months from hire date. All vacation requests must be made 6 weeks in advance. This does not apply to emergencies, of course. Also, shift changes with a coworker are fine, just be sure to notify supervisor first and update schedules upon approval. Vacation hours accrue at a rate of 2 hrs per pay period based on a 20 hr work week. In the interest of fairness, holiday requests will be rotated. For example, if you have time off at Christmas one year, expect to work it the next year. Holidays with a high volume of requests, like Christmas and Thanksgiving, will also be rotated. You may request time off for one, but not both (within the same year).

Sick? Call in as soon as possible to allow time for staff to arrange a replacement. If calling in on a weekday before 8 am: 208-769-2315 x 435. If calling in on a weekday after 8 am, dial 769-2315 x1107. If calling in on a weekend, call Sandy 208-661-6507 or Bette 208-691-5808. Whenever possible it is best to contact your direct supervisor if you are unable to work your scheduled shift. Sick leave may be used once it is accrued. Sick leave hours accrue at a rate of 2.5 hrs per pay period based on a 20 hr work week.


Staff and/or Circulation Meetings- held on the last Friday of every month (unless otherwise scheduled) from 9-10 am. Attendance is highly encouraged- let your supervisor know if you are unable to attend. Also- the last Friday of the month is jeans day! Circulation meetings may be held in addition to and separately from staff meetings. All meetings are on paid time and are an important way of keeping up to date with ongoing policy and procedural changes as well as taking part in decision-making.



Parking- all staff are asked to park in the lower parking lot behind City Hall, unless scheduled for an evening shift ending at 8 pm. If you’re working an evening shift, parking in the upper lot is fine. If you are working a day shift, park in the lower lot.

Daily Routine

Name Tag- wear daily. This helps patrons to identify you as library staff when seeking assistance.

Staff Search- check yourself into the appropriate status throughout the day (in, lunch, home, etc.) This helps save everyone’s time if we all can just take a quick look at where someone is if we need to find them.

Mail- check your mailbox (in the mailroom) and your e-mail daily.

Lockers- keep purses and other valuables in a locker where they can be secured. You’ll need to provide your own lock and label your locker. This is the only way to keep your possessions locked and safe.

Timesheets- Enter hours daily. Timesheets will be due twice a month, on approximately the 15th and the last day of the month. A reminder e-mail will be sent out a few days prior to the date timesheets are needed. If your timesheet is not completed and submitted by the necessary date, be aware your paycheck may be delayed until the next pay period.


You will be required to complete three online training sessions (approximately 45 minutes each) regarding workplace violence prevention, preventing workplace harassment, and acceptable use of the internet. Time will be provided during your regular schedule to complete these trainings.

Clothing- A business-like appearance lending authority to working with patrons is expected. Jeans are only allowed on the last Friday of the month. If you have a question, please ask.

As all employees are in contact with the Library’s external and/or internal customers, the Library asks that all employees refrain from wearing excessive fragrance (perfume or lotions).

Cell phones- restrict personal phone calls/texting to break times, excluding emergencies. We work as a team and coworkers depend on each other to be aware and engaged in the workplace.

Fines/Fees- do we have to pay them? Yep. We follow the same rules as our patrons.

Staff in building during hours the building is closed –Staff must notify the Library Director (or person in charge) prior to being in the building during non-work hours. Staff is allowed in the building during non-public, non-scheduled hours without prior authorization for c reasons or to retrieve personal items.

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