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Policy Manual - III. Request for Material Review

III. Request for Material Review
The Coeur d’Alene Public Library staff will gladly respond to any concern from patrons about library materials. If patrons are not satisfied with the response received from a staff member, they will be referred to the Library Director. Within 48 hours, a patron may request a written response if the verbal exchange has not been satisfactory. The Library Director, or the person acting in his or her absence, will respond in writing within seven working days. If those informal procedures do not result in a satisfactory conclusion for the patron, a formal written request for material review may be filed.
1. Request for Material Review forms will be available at a variety of service areas (i.e., Library Director, Circulation, Children’s, and Information). This procedure will be followed:
2. Patron fills out and signs “Material Review” (Appendix E) form and gives or sends it to the Library staff at one of the above identified service areas.
3. The copy or copies of the challenged materials will remain available to the public until disposition is determined.
4. The “Material Review” form is sent to the Library Director with the material if it is a request for withdrawal or addition (if available).
5. The Library Director will consult with the selector and respond in writing to the patron.
6. If further action is required, a committee (which will include professional library staff, a library board member and a community member) will review the materials and make a recommendation. The review committee shall consider the reviews of the material by reputable critics and community needs and standards, as well as the objections of the complainant. The committee will issue its decision to the complainant.
7. The committee’s decision may be appealed to the Library Board who will review the material and action to make a final decision.